Spark’s journey implementing an enterprise CX/UX framework

2 min read

“Putting the customer first fundamentally changes the way you design.”

Spark, a leading telecommunications company in New Zealand, was going through an exciting change — the company just implemented a dedicated customer experience and user experience (CX/UX) team at their head offices in Auckland to focus on making better experiences for their customers. We spent some time with the team to understand how Spark was using the customer journey to transform their business model from one that focuses on products and services to one that focuses on great customer experiences.

We spoke to various Spark CX/UX team members who explained the practicalities of collaboration and how to gain buy-in.

See how the Spark team turned their transformation from a “paper-vision” to a reality.



Company size



New Zealand




B2B, B2C

Tool used

“It is possibly the single most exciting thing that I have worked on in my time here at Spark.”

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