Demo time: Learn more about our tools!

Two members of our Customer Success Team, Dan and Paddy, regularly host webinars to showcase all the cool things you can do with The Optimal Workshop Suite. 

Become an Optimal Workshop super-user

In the hour long webinar you can:

  • gain a strong knowledge of how to set up studies
  • learn how to interpret the range of insightful results
  • learn how to use the tools in collaboration with one another to make confident design decisions
  • have a Q&A with Dan and Paddy

Select a day

Choose a time and day that suits you (here's a handy time converter)
13 Sept, 2018  |  Thursday  |  3 pm. British Summer Time
18, Sept 2018  |  Tuesday |  2 pm. Pacific Standard Time
26 Sept, 2018  |  Wednesday |  3 pm. British Summer Time
02 Oct 2018 |  Tuesday |  2 pm. Pacific Standard Time
10 Oct 2018  |  Wednesday  |  3 pm. British Standard Time
16 Oct 2018  |  Tuesday  | 2 pm. Pacific Standard Time
Meet your gracious hosts Dan and Paddy!

Want to arrange a personal demo for your team or organization? Contact our friendly support team to sort out a time.