How to conduct great user interviews
by The Optimal Workshop Community

Like anything in UX, conducting user interviews is easy. But conducting great user interviews is hard. Fortunately, UXers from the Optimal Workshop Community have come together to share their tips for nailing user interviews and getting great results. Read on to get some awesome templates, checklists and real-life advice from industry experts. 

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A fantastic collection of practical and actionable advice for all UX professionals. Enriched with real work examples, stories and lessons learned from UXers the world over, this guide will take you from the earliest planning stage right through to the business of using those newfound insights to design better experiences. Overall an easy, digestible read that will serve as a valuable reference resource for us all. 

Ashlea McKay
UX Researcher, Writer and Designer

Performing user interviews can be an intimidating experience. This often leads people to avoid performing them, and as a result many projects miss out on the value interviews bring. The guides, tools, and tips found in "How to conduct great user interviews" are both practical and concise. Giving UX practitioners the confidence they need to perform effective interviews. A must-read.

Glen Young
Web Content Manager

Such a useful collection of insights for anyone wanting to plan, run and analyse user interviews. It'll help you distill the practical essentials and arm yourself with insights for navigating the common 'gotchas'. It's like a roomful of experts personally sharing their hard-won secrets with you.

Luke Chambers
Co-founder of

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