Testing with Optimal Workshop tools
by Ashlea McKay

Ashlea provides a step-by-step study of the US Postal Service's website using Optimal Workshop's tools, and uncovers a number of areas that could enhance the users' experience of this highly-trafficked site. Read on to learn more about using Optimal Workshop's Treejack, OptimalSort, and Chalkmark in a real life scenario and discover how Ashlea maps her route to uncover interesting results.

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Bravo! This is a brilliant guide to using Optimal Workshop's smart suite of online tools. It's also a concise, friendly (and delightfully purple) case study demonstrating UX methods and best practices applied to the website. It's rare to see detailed UX data for prominent sites, so with plenty of screenshots of the tools in use, specific examples of her test questions, and helpful explanations of her thinking as she goes, this book braves rain and snow to deliver the whole package. Highly recommended.

Luke Chambers
Co-founder and Chief Tips n' Tricks Engineer at

Ashlea takes us through a succinct & informative look at the suite of Optimal Workshop tools, using a real life example to help illustrate the process. The book shares her insights into analysing research results, and would be incredibly helpful to anyone who uses or is thinking about using the tools. Ashlea provides great tips and things to be aware of at each stage of the project, from setting up the tools to analysing the results. Overall this book shows how much you can learn from conducting usability studies, and I highly recommend it.

Rhiannon Thomas
Senior UX Designer

Ashlea McKay is a user experience designer (UX), researcher and writer with a background in industrial design. Her experience spans both the public and private sectors and she is an internationally respected industry thought leader and conference speaker. Ashlea loves conducting user research because she learns something new every day and enjoys understanding what makes users tick. Ashlea is also passionate about mentoring and is heavily involved in the UX community at large. She regularly writes articles for well-known UX publications and is the co-founder and voice behind UX advice column, UX Agony Aunt. In her spare time, Ashlea enjoys colouring in and adding to her extensive LEGO collection.