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User testing is the cornerstone of a good website, but it's hard work. From setting up your tests to sourcing participants, analyzing data and presenting your findings to stakeholders – there's a lot to do.

Streamline your user testing efforts with Optimal Workshop, your one stop shop for all the tools you need to make research a breeze.

Run fast and affordable user testing to discover where and why users are getting lost on your site.

With Optimal Workshop you can:

  •   Set up a user test in minutes with our easy to use interface.
  •   Find the right participants quickly and affordably with our recruitment panel, and easily share your study with existing users.
  •   Use our flexible and beautiful data visualizations to easily interpret your results and share them with stakeholders.
  •   Know that you’ll always have the right user testing tool available with our platform of 5 capable tools.
  •   Make confident design decisions and use convincing insights to delight your team and users alike.

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Explore your user testing toolkit

  • Treejack

    Improve your website navigation by finding out where and why people get lost on your website without visual distractions.

  • OptimalSort

    Understand your user's mental models. Get robust card sort results with both remote testing and moderated.

  • Chalkmark

    Quickly identify usability issues even before you write a line of code. Run fast user tests on wireframes and prototypes.

  • Question

    Discover precisely what people think. Create surveys quickly in over 70 languages. Collect data with ease using several question types.

  • Reframer

    Your new qualitative research sidekick that makes qualitative research quicker and easier, giving you results in no time.

It is so fast and easy to set up that it's really crazy not to use it.

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American Greetings

We couldn't be more thrilled with the results we're seeing!

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Convio Inc.

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